Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Wands for witches

I have discovered the magic of wands and I don't just mean using a wand but creating them from pieces of wood found on my wanderings.
It gives me great pleasure to create something not only useful but beautiful as well. The wood for the wands is mostly gathered after storms and is all green when collected, I leave it for at least 4 months but usually a lot longer and then I spend time looking at the pieces to see which one suggests and idea. The selected piece then undergoes a magical transformation from plain old stick to beautiful wand. Some are stripped of bark,
some are carved, some have crystals added and some are pyrographed. All are sanded with many different grades of paper till smooth and silky and then are oiled or polished with beeswax. At the moment I am working on a cherry wand that is carved with a Goddess and a spiral, the wood came from a felled tree in my garden and has been drying for a couple of years in the garage. I wasn't sure what I was going to make with it when I collected the branches but now I am glad I did.
It is a wonderful wood to work with.
I find wand carving the most relaxing of all the crafts I engage in, it has a
very calming effect and always uplifts my mood, so anyone who wants a mood booster just have a go at making a wand, you may be suprised by the outcome both with the wand and the effect it has.
If you do not fancy making your own then take a look at my range on Etsy, I also take commissions so if there is something in particular you would like just message me on Etsy.


  1. They are lovely wands you are making, your carving is beautiful. I've recently starting making wands as well, just for the fun of it but I make mine from wire and gemstones. I couldn't carve in the way you have, that is real artistry.

  2. Thank you for your lovely comments, its great to know someone likes what I make. Are you going to post any pictures of your wands on your blogs as I would love to see them?

  3. I will be doing Anthea but I'm waiting till the blogging parties start like Marfi's Halloween Humpdays. I never know what to post each week and I'm normally a last minute Sally trying to cobble a post together at the last minute. Trying to be a bit more organized this year so I've been making a few things and holding them back till the season starts. Plus I've been having a change around with my blogs so wanted to get that sorted first. Nearly there, thanks for following me by the way. :) I've got a list of things to put up but whether I stick to the list is up in the air knowing me. LOL

  4. My wand still needs the wooden part ... ( Used the proper ancient methods and materials) Have a Great Day....