Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Shell magic and magical properties of shells

I have never been a person to go on a beach and do an impersonation of a beached wale (I believe it is called sunbathing) Its just not for me. I set foot on a beach and immediately see a hole host of collectables, sea glass, beautiful shells, pebbles, drift wood and the general   flotsam and jetsam that washes up on a beach. I have to start collecting, its not optional, the items just beckon to be picked up.
What to do with this vast array of treasure is another matter. 

The sea glass, those fantastic sea smoothed bits of broken bottles, are going to be painted  to become pendants, earrings, tree decorations and runes.

Vincent the reading gnome

Driftwood will become wands, jewellery or seating for my larger fae folk such as Vincent the reading gnome.

Shells are by far my favourite thing to collect. They lie there hidden in the sand overlooked and trodden on by most, but to me they are

as beautiful and precious as any diamond or ruby. I have made shells into jewellery and put shell fae and sea creatures into and on them but am now looking into their magical spell uses, something I have only recently discovered.

Because shells are washed up and down by the tide, which is controlled by the moon, they hold the magic of the moon Goddess. Spiral shells hold within them the very symbol of the Goddess.

Shells have long been used by witches living by the sea, Janarric witches on the coast of Italy wrote symbols on shells to cast spells. They then placed the shell on the beach so that  as the tide approached the sea would receive the spells and grant them. Specific requests were written on certain types of shells. 

The most well known shell for magickal purposes is the Abalone, which is used a lot in smudging rituals and as a protective talisman. But there are many more shells that have magical properties.

ABALONE: General use. Use to contain empowered herbs, stones, and other magical items, good for spells that seek something hidden. They offer protection from negative energy. Used as incense and smudge stick holders. Good for meditation and chakra balancing.
AUGER: Due to its obviously phallic shape this shell can be used to represent the God on an altar or in a spell and is used for spells to do with the male.
CERITH SHELLS [CERITHIIDAE]: Most species of this major family are small, long and thin. Due to it's phallic shape it may be used for any male oriented magic, e.g. fertility, courage, power and in the aid to healing male ailments.
CLAM SHELLS: Used for purification and love. A small clam shell may be etched with a rune and made into a potent talisman. A symbol of the Goddess so very good for Goddess related spells.
Cockle shells
COCKLE:  This shell is suitable for spells of love, friendship, family and emotions and we are reminded of it with the saying "to warm the cockles of my heart".
CONE SHELLS: Used in protective spell crafts.
COWRIES: Cowries are great for money spells as many cultures once used them as money. Viewed from one side it is shiny & avocado shaped, greatly resembling the human uterus. Viewed from the other side it resembles the female genitalia. This shell can be used for female magic, fertility, pregnancy, birth, menstrual problems, difficult menopause and female sexuality
KEYHOLE LIMPETS (Fissurelloidea) Use this shell when you need to find a way in or out of a situation. This shell is ideal to meditate upon to unlock psychic & divination abilities.
LEFT HANDED WHELKS: Use for making dramatic, positive changes in your life.
LIMPETS: Courage, confidence, physical strength.
MOON SHELLS: Psychic awareness, purifcation, and peace.
OYSTERS: Good fortune, for any form of lunar magic, and for spells relating to passion, virility and sexual love.
SCALLOPS: Useful for spells involving travel and movement, can be used as a substitute for any other shell in a spell.
SCREW SHELLS: For any male oriented magic, e.g. fertility, courage, power and in the aid to healing male ailments

SPINDLE OR TULIP SHELL(Fasciolariidae): This is a good shell for magic pertaining to fate, destiny, change, karma and meditation.
SUNDIAL SHELLS (Architectonicidae): Use this shell for solar magic, warmth and light.
TUSK SHELLS (Dentaliidae):Use this shell for when you need to do battle. It resembles strength & attack.
WENTLERTRAPS (Epitoniidae):  Use this shell in magic related to any form of creativity, building, art, sculpture and inspiration.
WHELK (Buccinidae): Use this shell when you need to take control, when you need to get a grip on yourself or a situation. It is also a good shell to use when you wish to retain the status quo, or when you are needing stability in your life.

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