Tuesday, 10 February 2015

List and Do Challenge

Do you ever find that you have a list of good intentions but they never seem to get done?
Do you have a collection of half finished creations?
Do ideas pop into your head to fast for you to get them all done?
I am an expert at all of the above.
I need to find a way to become more focused and increase output so I am starting a new challenge. I am calling it the List and Do Challenge.  I will make a list each week of projects that I intend to WILL get done or will finish off and will then post the pictures to prove I have done them.
Anyone wanting to join in the challenge can sign up by adding a comment with your blog address and I will then add a link to you on the List and Do page. Once you have signed up just write your list on your blog or on the comments below and add the badge onto your blog page with a link to this address:
If you do not have a blog you can still take part by adding your name in the comments and a link to a site where you show your work or just add your name and your list then when the list is done add a comment to let us know how you got on.
The challenge will be running all year so you can join in at any time and set your own timescales. I am allowing myself a week for each list.
To see who is participating please click here.

So here is my first list:
4 pendants with tiny totem animals in glass jars 
1 wood wand
4 Goddess gemstone pendants

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